Inspector 920 Trailer Tester

ABS, Lights, Brakes, Air, and Electric Trailer Tester and Diagnostics System

The Inspector 920 trailer tester is a complete, all-in-one trailer diagnostic system which simplifies ABS, brakes, air, lights, and electrical testing. This provides the ability for a single technician to perform a full inspection in one trip around the trailer.

With advanced ABS diagnostics, brake, light, air and electrical testing, the Inspector 920 takes the guesswork out of trailer repairs.

The Inspector 920 is the most advanced trailer diagnostic testing system available. This proven system increases productivity, accurate diagnostics, and quality of inspections and repairs while reducing costs. The Inspector 920 allows you to produce consistent processes at single or multiple shops.

With minimal product training, technicians will be able to easily diagnose brake, ABS, air, and electrical issues before they become a problem. The Lite-Check, 3-step ABS process and four-line display, cuts down on ABS troubleshooting time.

The Inspector 920 trailer tester is preinstalled with all post 2001, Power Line Communication (PLC) ABS codes from Meritor-Wabco, Haldex, and Bendix. Also included is the latest roll stability codes. After automatically identifying ABS ECU manufacturer and any issues, the Inspector 920 tester displays all pertinent information to the technician for easy diagnostics and repairs. The technician no longer needs to reference the ECU manufacturer’s manuals and blink codes to make accurate repairs.

With the included full function remote control, the Lite-Check Inspector 920 provides the technician the ability to check brakes, lights, air, electric, and ABS operations with a simple four-minute walk around the trailer.

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Features and Benefits

Increased Productivity

One person doing one trip around the trailer with one tool. Increase the efficiency of the inspection or repair on trailers. This reduces downtime and gets the trailer back on the road.

Accurate Diagnostics

The Lite-Check Inspector 920 Trailer Tester provides technicians with more data leading to improved accuracy in diagnosing and completing repairs. This alleviates the “trying a fix.” Technicians will know exactly what the problem was, what caused it, and how to fix it directly from the Inspector 920’s easily read display.

Improved Quality

When the technicians have more information about trailer ABS, electrical circuits and brake application, they can find the small issues before they become a major problems. This reduces the road costs and DOT violations.

Minimal Training Required

The Inspector 920 trailer tester’s 4-line display provides technicians with easily followed instructions. This allows technicians of all levels to diagnose and repair ABS issues at an expert level. Online training videos available 24/7/365.

Increased Accuracy

Give the technicians more information so faults are repaired correctly the first time. Lowering the maintenance costs by reducing the amount of parts getting replaced waiting for the fault to go away.

More Information

When the techs have more information about the ABS, electrical circuits and brake application, they can find the small faults before they become a major issue. This reduces the road costs and DOT violations.

Inspector 920 Videos

Setup and Introduction

Trailer ABS Testing Operations

Trailer Air Brake Testing Operations

Trailer Electrical Testing Operations

Customer Testimonials

The Inspector 920 is absolutely AMAZING!!! It has already paid for itself and all our Tech's love it. The people at LITE-CHECK were amazing to work with and were able to take care of all my concerns and needs. Thanks LITE-CHECK!!!!

Lucas CrossFrom Google Reviews

I bought the Inspector 920, well worth the investment!

John LaSpadaFrom Google Reviews

This 920 Inspector is the way of the future!!! Has helped my one bay go from 20 trailers to 50 trailer…no problems! Love it!

Vet.Maint. Tech- Nashville,TN.From

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